Vikings Raids

Throughout each year we try to attend and display at many Model Shows. Anyone who is a current paid up member of Poole Vikings Model Club is more than welcome to come along and exhibit their models on our stand whenever we are attending a show. In fact the more the merrier, so we can ‘pillage’ the competition trophies and the traders’ stalls. We encourage car sharing as parking space is often limited at these venues and to this end the club will pay petrol money to the driver (over 50 miles distance to the destination), plus any wristband payments required by the likes of Bovington and Yeovilton as long as you bring along some models to display. And of course one should stay until the stated end time of the show unless we have made arrangements with the organiser prior to show day. Such things are usually sorted out at our monthly meetings near to each show date. So please come along on one of our ‘raids’